Islamic Center of Winona Building

Your Daily Prayer Time for the month of May 2020 Winona, Minnesota

Fajr   4.05am

Dhuhr   1.05pm

Asr   5.05pm

Maghrib   8.30pm

Isha   10.05pm

Jummah   1.30pm

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History of the Islamic Center of Winona (ICW)

The ICW started on the campus of Winona State University when Muslim students gathered to perform Juma’a and Eid prayers. As the numbers of students increased and the facilities offered by the University became too small to accommodate the students’ needs, it became necessary to locate a permanent facility for the Muslims in Winona.

In 1992, the Islamic Center of Winona was incorporated as “exclusively for charitable, educational, religious or scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.” Thus, it became the second Islamic Center to be established in the State of Minnesota, second only to the Islamic Center of Minnesota, in Fridley. Following the incorporation, a fundraising campaign was started with generous contributions from the Twin Cities Muslim community. A building was purchased at 54 E. Third Street.

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Our Mission

The ICW was incorporated to perform the following functions:

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Our Services

The ICW was incorporated to perform the following functions:


  1. Spread the salaam amongst yourselves. (Muslims)
  2. Before speaking the salaam should be said. (Tirmizi)
  3. Fasting is a shield (from sins). (Tirmizi)
  4. Cleanliness is a part of the Faith. (Tirmizi)
  5. Actions depend on their intention. (Bukhari)
  6. Those who are nearest to God are they who are first to give a salutation (Salaam). (Tirmidhi)
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Benefits of Salah/prayer

Salah (Arabic term for Muslim Ritual/Islamic prayer) is a spiritual practice performed by Muslim believers which must be performed at least five times a day. There is a lot of discussion on the spiritual significance of Salah. The physical significance, however, is often overlooked. This article look into the way Muslims pray.

The knowledge acquire through this article would help the health/fitness professional to explore the significance of the Prayer positions and may facilitate them to prescribe an individualized tailored exercise program for the Muslim population with special medical considerations. Anyone who does not perform prayer (non-muslims) can adopt these easy postures. For easy assimilation, comparison has been drawn from Yogic exercise postures as well.

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8 Health Benefits of Fasting

Fasting has been shown to have many health benefits, from increased weight loss to better brain function.
Here are 8 health benefits of fasting:

  1. Promotes Blood Sugar Control by Reducing Insulin Resistance
  2. Promotes Better Health by Fighting Inflammation
  3. May Enhance Heart Health by Improving Blood Pressure, Triglycerides and Cholesterol Levels
  4. May Boost Brain Function and Prevent Neurodegenerative Disorders

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